Freelance Graphic Designer with hourly, project-based, and package rates

Flexible Hourly Rate of $100 per/hour

I am available as needed for small design and web maintenance jobs. My hourly rate includes my software, hardware, Internet access and phone for initial calls and all follow-up.

Project-based Work Pricing

As much I strive for transparency in all things pricing, it depends! For project-based work, I recommend a phone call or e-mail exchange so I can learn about the job specifications. From there I can send you a project estimate within 24 hours. Then we agree on timing and we're off to the races.

Package rates: Outsource your in-house designer

I have been an in-house designer at several companies and have loved it. But I really enjoy the variability and exposure that comes from working with several companies at once. So for me, packages are where it's at.

General maintenance- 20hr./mo. $1500

Your website is basically where you want it. The products are selling well. You need some ads made for a magazine, and a new shirt design for the guys going to the convention. Maybe you need some email blasts. Perhaps some photos for the Social media platforms, create a little buzz. Normal design needs.

Specialist- 50hr./mo. $3000

If you need something more involved. Perhaps an entire product line photographed, high and low res. Both studio and lifestyle. Maybe a render of some ideas the engineers are thinking about to give the marketing team something to go on. Bigger projects that need a more comprehensive product understanding.

In-House replacement- 100hr./mo. $5000

You will be the main client. My life will revolve around your company. Do you need me in a meeting? I'm there. Need me to meet some other designer and talk shop? Want me to work in your office a day a week? Sure. I'm your design department. Any project, any style - just walk into the cubicle and drop it on my desk. :)